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Our country faces its most serious economic crisis since the Great Depression. The Federal Government has a plan in place to revitalize the economy:

1. Immediate Action to Create Good Jobs in America through education

2. Immediate Relief for Struggling Families

3. Direct, Immediate Assistance for Homeowners and Business Owners through the Making Home Affordable Program

4. Rapid, Aggressive Response to Our Financial Crisis, Using Tools Such as Federal, Local and Private Grants.

"A strong middle class equals a strong America. We can’t have one without the other. This Task Force will be an important vehicle to assess new and existing policies across the board and determine if they are helping or hurting the middle class. It is our charge to get the middle class – the backbone of this country – up and running again."
-- Vice President Joe Biden

AHUP’s mission is to help those individuals who have not had or may never have the opportunity to change their financial situation.  AHUP and its affiliates have searched vast archives for the most up-to-date policies and plans to bring you the knowledge you need to be able to change your life.

We are currently helping individuals learn how to:

  1. Pay off their debt faster or eliminate a large portion of their debt.
  2. Find Grant money to start a new business, go to school, and much more.  We will show you where and how to apply.
  3. Apply for a reduction in principal and/or interest through recent government programs to lower their payments and Save Their Homes.

In the past, wealthy insurance and banking companies have attempted to pull the wool over our eyes.  They don’t want you to know that there are ways for you to pay off your home, car, or credit cards two to three times faster without having to change your current spending habits, nor do they want you to know that you can get Funding for business, schooling, research, housing and much more.  Instead, they want you to pay high interest.  To top it all off, these are the same guys begging for the BAILOUT.

Don't let these Big Banks fool you. It doesn’t have to be this way.  We are offering you a HAND UP, but you have got to be willing to take action and use the knowledge that we share with you.  It’s time to take a Hand Up, not a hand-out.

Immediate Action To Help You

Tax cuts are one means of providing economic relief to those in need and will be part of the recovery plan for America. However, Government Programs will also play a vital role as a means to swiftly provide relief to those who could use financial assistance. These programs provide funds which do not need to be repaid and can be used for virtually any purpose including:

List of Recently Available Programs
  Looking for $3000 - $250,000 or for Help to pay off business loans?
  Seeking from $15,000 to $50,000 or more to pay for school?
  6 Billion Available
  $98.5 Billion Available
  Get money for personal reasons.
  Need money to write a book or work on an invention?
  Is your home in Distress? Behind on your Payments?Then this is the program for you.
  Newly available. Pay half or get lower monthly payments. Credit Cards, Auto's, HELOC's and 2nd mortgage's.
  NonProfit organization grants are available from $250,000 to $20 million.
  Go back to school. Attend a University. Get job specific training. $92.8 Billion Available.
  Buying a Home? Get up to $8,000 or more in tax credits. Or learn how to apply for Government programs to reduce interest and/or principal.
  Need cash for utilities/bills or anything else?
The Next Step

Demand is expected to be very high for these programs, so although billions have been set aside, unfortunately the funds will only last for a limited period of time. Those interested in applying for these programs are encouraged to do so immediately, before earmarked funds are depleted.

You are probably wondering, "Sounds good, but why would anyone help me?”
You know, there was a time when I wasn't as well dressed as other kids.  I was often teased and pushed around at school.  Times were tough for my family, to say the least.  Dad worked hard, but was never able to afford an education, nor did he have the money to fund his dream of being in business for himself, but I still remember that day when kids at school were teasing me more than usual. One of them pushed me to the ground while the others laughed.  I walked home discouraged and downhearted.  When I got home, Dad could see the disappointment on my face.  Then, with trembling in his voice, he said, "Son, when those kids knock you down, you get right back up again and you bloody their noses.  You never back down." 
Times are tough right now. We are not looking for someone who wants a hand out, but instead a hand up.  My mom always told me that God would never give us more than we could handle and I know this is true.  I believe that America can get back up again and win this fight.

Why can you win?  Because in the past, Funding has primarily been set aside for special interest groups and big businesses, but the Federal Government is changing the way that the middle class and low income are treated.  We have been helping individuals just like you change their financial situation for many years. We have never seen a time like this. There is more Funding available for the regular Joe than there has ever been. Believe me when I say, "Now Is The Time." There will never be a better time to change your financial situation. The economy is going to rebound and Stimulus packages will fade away. Do something about it Today!

What does it take to get Help?
Well, you have got to apply for it. You have got to work at it, and most importantly, you have got to know what you are doing to qualify for it. Sounds tough, right? It can be if you're not experienced and don't have the correct know how. Everyone's situation is different and everyone qualifies for different programs. In our experience we have found that the only way to obtain this help is to get some assistance. For a limited time we are offering to help as many people as possible learn how to locate and apply for these programs.

At this time we are only accepting applications for individuals who:

* Earn less than $250,000 per year
* Are motivated enough to work at obtaining their funding
* Are serious about changing their life
* Are open to learning how to do this for themselves
If you meet these qualifications and are willing to follow the three easy steps below, then start your online pre-application by clicking here.
Get the funding you need in...
3 easy steps!
01. Fill out the application to the right.
02. Fill out the Secondary Applications that apply to your situation.
03. Check your email for your Free membership to Be ready for a specialist to call and assist you!
Online Application
First Name:
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Daytime Phone:
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Employment Status:
Current Status:
Citizenship Status:
Funding interest:
Simple details regarding
your hardship:
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If you filled out the online application and it says that your email address already exists
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